What is Adhered Stone Veneer?

What is Adhered Sawn Thin Stone Veneer?

Whether you are a homeowner or a designer, the appearance and durability of exterior and interior accents are vital when you are designing, upgrading, or modifying a space. Choosing the siding or accent areas such as fireplaces or outdoor water features, usually means considering many factors like the aesthetics, overall architecture style, durability, maintenance, protection of the structure, and upfront and long-term costs. With so many options to choose from, you might wonder where to begin!

We suggest that you start with natural sawn thin stone veneer, which is one type of siding or indoor accent material that is beautiful, durable, timeless, and cost-effective. Sawn thin stone is real: It is produced-by-earth stone that is both natural and eco-friendly. Many of our clients are excited about the product because it brings their home so much closer to nature. Whether you need to upgrade existing manufactured stone to a natural stone or you are looking to design a home that incorporates real stone, Natural Facing has products suitable for a wide range of products and purposes.

In this article, we discuss sawn thin real stone veneer, the differences between real stone and manufactured stone, and highlight a few important tips when you go to purchase and install our product. Natural Facing only work with the highest quality materials, made by nature, not a manufacturer. Our motto—“You Can’t Fake Natural”—and our products will make your home more beautiful and stronger for decades to come.

Beautifying Your Spaces with Natural Stone

Sawn thin stone veneer is a material made from cuts of 100% real stone that is never manufactured. We take large pieces of stone and then slice them into thin profiles to create the adherable veneers. The veneers are then installed onto the structure, whether the side of a home or as an in-home decorative feature, creating long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing designs.

Because it is natural, sawn thin stone veneer’s longevity and durability far outweighs that of manufactured stone. And real (or natural) stone veneer is naturally weatherproof unlike manufactured stone. Natural sawn thin stone veneer is also low-maintenance since it will never chip and you will never see the wear that manufactured stone is known for. Overall, it is a cost-effective option that works well regardless of the environment the home is built in.

Sawn thin stone veneer also stands the test of time unlike manufactured or artificial stone, which is made from concrete and other materials that cannot stand up to time, or weather. Over time, manufactured stone fades and will require maintenance at your expense. The materials used to create manufactured stone are not naturally resistant to environmental factors such as rain or snow, which can lead to decomposition or loss of its original color and texture.

When you use Natural Facing stone veneer, you will also gain the advantage of ensuring that you have a unique look to your interior or exterior. Due to the nature of the stone itself, each stone is unique with its own imperfections, creating one of a kind textures, colors, and patterns. And natural stone veneers are as beautiful as building stone but they weigh less and are less expensive.

Featured Project: Surrounded by Nature

The stunning gazebo is surrounded by nature. The designers capitalized on the beauty of natural stone with our Autumn Crest Mosaic.

Designer: McHale Landscape Design

Benefiting from Natural Stone vs. Manufactured

There are so many more benefits to natural stone, including its time-tested beauty, low environmental impact, low moisture absorbency, and natural colors that manufactured stones simply cannot match.

Natural stone improves your home’s energy efficiency, saving you money on regular utility bills. Our natural sawn thin stone does not require ongoing maintenance, which also saves you time and money. And our natural stone is naturally beautiful, showing the colors and textures that only real stone can convey, and keeping that color over decades.

Since artificial or manufactured stone is made from a mixture of cement, aggregates, and pigments to give the artificial stone a “real stone” feel, over time, the color and durability will fade. Some of the drawbacks of manufactured stone include chips and shaping that exposes concrete interiors, high absorbency, which can create many headaches for the homeowner, discoloration, and a visible repeat in pattern due to limited molds or materials.

And if you were thinking that natural sawn thin stone veneers cost more than manufactured stones, they don’t. Our natural stone veneer is comparable in price to manufactured stone veneer.

Need Stone Fast?

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Where to Buy Natural Facing Stone Veneer?

The beauty of natural stone is the variation of color, markings, and texture which can only be found in real stone. You can browse our online stone veneer catalog to see our various blends or to see our stone in person, locate a Natural Facing authorized dealer near you today!