Residential Home Exteriors with Stone Veneer

Using Sawn Thin Stone on Your Home’s Exterior

A home is a sanctuary. A place where a family can feel at peace. It’s also one of the largest investments most people make in their lifetime. Sawn thin stone is naturally durable and weather resistant. So not only does it make a powerful statement, it protects your investment. 

Sawn thin stone veneer is an excellent choice for residential home exteriors. With Natural Facing, you can use real stone without supporting the weight of building stone. And unlike manufactured stone, you can use the Natural Facing to grade. 

Here are some Natural Facing sawn thin stone home exterior projects for inspiration:

Featured Project: Manor House

Heubert County Ledgestone graces the exterior of this residence from the front entrance and chimney to the breezeway columns and landscaping.

Stone & Board

Our Kingston Roughly Rectangular compliments the darker tones on the exterior of this home.

Water Table

Continuing the stone front shown above, the builders used Kingston Roughly Rectangular on the water table surrounding this home. Sawn thin stone is naturally weather resistant and durable to grade.

Blend with Nature

The Huebert County Ledgestone water table on this guest house blends with the surrounding landscape.

Modern Colonial

The architect selected our Wilmington Mosaic on this home to add texture and depth. 

Focal Point

This custom blend was designed to match the home’s exterior and create a dramatic focal point.

Welcoming Entrance

Natural Facing Ocean Blue Ledgestone welcomes friends and family to this large front porch.

Featured Project: Waterfront Estate

Broadwater Roughly Rectangular accents the interior and exterior of this glass home.

Featured Project: Entertainers Haven

Sun Valley Roughly Rectangular shines on this bay front retreat. 

What are the advantages of stone exterior on a home?

  • Aesthetics and Resale: The beauty of natural stone will never go out of style.
  • Protection against extreme weather: Sawn thin stone is naturally weather proof
  • Effective sound barrier: Keep outside noise where it belongs
  • Durability and longevity: Stone will last as long as you need it.
  • Low maintenance: Stone requires very little maintenance and will look beautiful for decades.

Is stone veneer siding more expensive than other materials?

Natural Facing usually results in a lower long-term cost per square foot than other materials due to its durability and ease of maintenance.

The cost of adding or using stone veneer on your home exterior depends on a variety of factors. Natural Facing blends are sold by square foot based on using a half inch mortar joint. Installation of sawn thin stone veneer without a mortar joint will require additional stone. Natural Facing also has sawn thin stone veneer corners available by the linear foot. In addition to purchasing the stone and the cost of delivery, there are other installation costs to consider. We have a variety of sawn thin stone veneer installation diagrams available that show the requirements of stone veneer installation on different substrates. For current pricing, find a sawn thin stone dealer near you and consult with a local mason for installation costs.