Top Stone Blends for 2023

Determining the Most Popular Stone Veneer Blends

We’re often asked which Natural Facing real stone veneer blends are the most popular. To answer that question, we looked at past sales history, inquiries, current market conditions, and design trends.

These stones are requested by top designers, architects, and landscapers for a variety of projects, proving their versatility and in-demand aesthetic. 

Each blend is consistent in color from the quarry and readily available. Which is particularly important given supply chain issues that continue to challenge the industry.

After considering all of these factors, our team of stone experts made its final predictions for the year’s most popular stone veneer blends.

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Most Popular Stone Veneer for 2023

Real Stone Veneer Kingston Blend

Chesapeake Roughly Rectangular

All Natural Facing stone is sawn thin to a thickness of 3/4″ to 1 1/2″. Our Roughly Rectangular blends are taller than ledgestone style and vary in height from 4″ to 14″.

Chesapeake Stone Veneer Details and Images >

Real Stone Veneer Terrapin Blend

Terrapin Ledgestone

Sawn thin natural stone veneer cut into ledgestone style can vary widely between 1”–6” in height and 4”–18” in length. This provides a lot of control over the final look. 

Terrapin Stone Veneer Details and Images >

Real Stone Veneer Kingston Mosaic Blend

Kingston Mosaic

With heights and lengths varied varied between 5″-12″, Mosaic stone veneer is characterized by its various polygon shapes and random patterns.

Kingston Stone Veneer Details and Images >

Real Stone Veneer Autumn CrestBlend

Autumn Crest Mosaic

The fluid and organic shape of our mosaic stone veneer creates a more random pattern. It’s great for home exteriors, retaining walls, and large fireplaces.

Autumn Crest Stone Veneer Details and Images >

Jones Bridge Real Stone Veneer Swatch

Jones Bridge Rustic Ledgestone

With mostly natural faces, this stone provides a truly unique look that emanates a historical setting or rustic countyside. It adds sohphistication and charm.

Jones Bridge Stone Veneer Details and Images >

Popular Stone Veneer Applications

From commercial to residential, our popular stone veneer blends are used in a variety of applications. Here are some projects that used our top stone veneer blends for 2023. For additional inspiration, check out our digital lookbook and our project gallery.

Autumn Crest, Centerville Pavillion Project, Real Stone Veneer, Natural Stone Veneer, Sawn Thin Stone Veneer


With it’s lighter weight, stone veneer is great for getting height without extra structural support.

Stone: Autumn Crest Mosaic

Autumn Crest, Centerville Pavillion Project, Real Stone Veneer, Natural Stone Veneer, Sawn Thin Stone Veneer

Pizza Ovens

Evoke the feeling of eating in outside in Italy with a stone pizza oven.

Stone: Jones Bridge Ledgestone

Terrapin, Front, Real Stone Veneer, Natural Stone Veneer, Sawn Thin Stone Veneer

Home Exteriors

Stone veneer’s beautiful color variation and durability create curb appeal and add to a home’s value.

Stone: Terrapin Ledgestone

Natural Stone Veneer House

Home Exteriors

Nothing beats the texture and colors of real stone veneer on a home’s exterior.

Stone: Kingston Mosaic

Terrapin, Front, Real Stone Veneer, Natural Stone Veneer, Sawn Thin Stone Veneer

Outdoor Fireplaces

Stone fireplaces create a stunning focal point and add function to backyards. 

Stone: Cromwell Valley Roughly Rectangular

Natural Veneer Stone Commercial Building

Commercial Buildings

With it’s superior durability and low maintenance, real stone veneer makes an excellent choice for commercial projects.

Stone: Chesapeake Roughly Rectangular

Nothing Beats Natural Stone

What is Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is easier to install than full width building stone. The term “stone veneer” can apply to real or manufactured stone. Manufactured stone, or faux stone, was developed to provide the look of stone at a lower cost. Extensive marketing efforts help grow the popularity of manufactured stone during a time when it was the only alternative to heavy build stone.  Despite their best efforts, manufactured stone companies are not able to compete with the quality, integrity, longevity, or beauty of real stone.

Through advancements in technology, 100% real stone can now be sawn thin to a thickness of 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ using specialized equipment. This allows real stone to be used in stone veneer applications where full width building stone isn’t an option.

Real stone veneer provides better color variation, is more durable, and requires less maintenance than manufactured stone.

Why Choose Natural Facing?

Not all stone veneers are real. And not all real stone veneers are created the same. Natural Facing’s stone experts understand the nuances of real stone and work tirelessly to provide quality products and exceptional customer service.

Those who invest in Natural Facing understand the value of real stone veneer. And once they choose Natural Facing, they keep coming back. Our real stone veneer quality, longevity, and timeless beauty can’t be manufactured.