How to Find a Good Mason

Stone masonry is one of the oldest professions in human history. But as many masons approach retirement and fewer people choose a trade profession, finding a good mason is harder than ever. And once you find someone who is able to work on your project, how do you know that they will do a good job?


What Makes a Good Stonemason?

Stonemasons shape and prepare stone for buildings and structures. While historically stonemasons completed seven-year apprenticeships, more modern programs are closer to three years. Good programs combine theory with experience. This is not a skill you can master by watching YouTube videos. It requires hands-on learning with different projects and tools. Stonemasons need to know current building regulations, have strong intuition, and excellent attention to detail.

A good stonemason will be able to talk to you about:

  • Avoiding repeating patterns
  • Properly blending colors
  • Making and fitting stonework around window frames and archways
  • Interpreting technical drawings
  • A wide range of tools, including hand and air tools
  • Different substrates and application methods


Why Do I Need a Stonemason?

While stone is an exceptionally strong building material, it requires proper installation for optimal durability.

Top Issues from Poor Stone Installation

  • Poorly installed stones become loose and fall off
  • Improper preparation of surfaces, such as incorrect layering of materials or incorrect calculation of weight, leads to water or structural damage
  • Repeating patterns and bad arrangements become eye sores that are difficult to ignore and expensive to correct
  • High waste of materials during installation increases the costs of your project and could result in delays waiting for new material


How to Find a Good Stonemason?

Google isn’t your best friend. It’s too easy to build a portfolio of images that look great and hide problems. Natural Facing’s network of dealers, architects, and designers are great resources. Find a dealer near you or contact us for help finding a stonemason in your area.